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Zymatore iQhilika Chili Msobomvu
Style: Mead with Chili Peppers
Collections: Mead,

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The base mead is the iQhilika Chili mead that is aged over roasted, indigenous African chili peppers which lend a spicy tickle to the palate. The Zymatore Chili Msobomvu is then matured for a period of 9 to 18 months in different red & white barrels from Thelema Mountain Vineyards in South Africa.

There are different editions between single barrel releases and blends.

Tasting notes:
Appearance: A slighly hazy rose in color.
Aroma:Notes of red grapes, dark berries & a warming heat from the chili.
Flavor: The sweetness from the honey is balanced by a touch of a acidity & spiciness in the finish.

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
aged in South African Red Wine Barrels Case 6 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 062067032066
Picture: Zymatore iQhilika Chili Msobomvu label
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