Style: Gose w/ dried pine needles
Gosebrauerei Bayrischer Bahnhof, Leipzig, Germany

Leipziger Gose PINEUS
By: Bayerischer Bahnhof, Germany
6.2% ABV

Leipziger Gose filtered through PINE NEEDLES!!!

Very common historical way as in the old days a lot of beer was passed through pine needles/juniper to create the bitterness (prior to the popularity of hops).

The flavors of this beer is really interesting because there is tons of pine needle aroma in the nose and then on the palate followed by the traditional sourness/spiceness/saltiness of a Gose. This beer exemplies a very nice balance between the pineness and sourness.

Gose is a top fermented beer that originaled in Goslar, Germany. It is brewed with at least 50% of the grain bill being malted wheat. Dominant flavors in Gose include a lemon tartness, nerbal characteristic and a slight saltiness. The sourness of the gose is usually through inoculation with lactic acid bacteria after the boil. Gose belong to the same sour wheat beers as the Belgian Witbeer, Berliner Weisse and Gueuze. Since the mid 1980s - in Germany there are only three remaining "traditional" gose breweries with Bayerischer Bahnhof being one of the three.

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