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Baladin Lune + Terre {barrel-aged} 2010 + 2012
Style: Italian barrel aged brews
Collections: Beer,

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Teo had been trying for a long time to find a way to create a physical link between two great products of the earth – Beer and Wine –and two men – the master brewer Teo and his father Enrico, a wine grower. This dream has turned into reality with the creation of the “Baladin Cellar”, a timeless place which brings back to the beginning of the Sixties and to the house where Teo was born, which has been skillfully and patiently recreated in all its details, including the door to the cellar which leads to a rather impressive barrique cellar. The large room contains 160 barriques and a few tonneaus lent by some of the most important Italian wine makers, who have decided to show their open-mindedness towards the world of Italian hand crafted beers. The idea is to use them to age two Baladin beers dedicated to the two classic souls of wine: red and white. “Terre”, created to pay homage to great red wines, is produced with “Nerone” rice and barley from our fields, and “Lune”, created for great white wines, is made with our spelt and barley. The result of this work are two Blends and a very limited number of “Cru”, given to our friends wine makers and available for beer lovers in the “Caveau” of “Cantina Baladin”, where the bottled beers can quietly rest. “Cantina Baladin” is also used to age Xyauyù, Xyauyù Barrel and Xyauyù Fumè: the great beers devoted to the exploration of macro-oxidation.

Lune - This is the beer that Teo has dedicated to great white wines. It is made with spelt by “Mulino Marino” and barley from our fields, and is aged in the barrels kept in “Cantina Baladin” which previously contained some of the most excellent Italian wines. A beer that celebrates the combination between two great products of the earth. The following producers have cooperated to the project: Antinori, Di Majo, Fazi Battaglia, La Scolca, Livio Felluga and Monte Rossa.

Terre - This is the beer that Teo has dedicated to great red wines. Made with “Nerone” rice grown by “Cascina Belvedere” in the Vercelli area and barley from our fields, it is aged in the barrels of “Cantina Baladin”. The following producers have cooperated to the project: Arnaldo Caprai, Borgogno, Cantine Del Notaio, Castellare, Ceci, Conti Di Buscareto, Contini, Cottanera, Di Majo, Donnafugata, Fontanafredda, Marchesi Di Barolo, Masseria Liveli, Fratelli Muratori, Palari, San Patrignano, Sassicaia, Tenuta Podernovo, Tenute Silvio Nardi, Terre Di Balbia, Valle Reale and Vigneti Massa.

Alc./Vol.: 12.0 %

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Case 4 * 16.9 oz. Mixed case
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