Sleeping Lemons

Style: English Style "gose"
The Wild Beer Co., Somerset, United Kingdom

Only in keg and only for the winter months.

This is a beer for the darkening months as the seasons change and we need something a bit more warming, a bit more comforting to settle down with against the long shadows and morning fog.

In spring we launched Sleeping Lemons, 3.6% with a tart, zingy acidity and rounded salt character, it was the perfect sunshine beer. It was our firm favourite all through the summer, however it’s not summer anymore…

Sleeping Lemons comes in at a much more festive 6% lending a bigger, maltier body to the beer. The fuller mouthfeel and warming alcohol bring decadent flavours of lemon meringue pie to the character of this beer and the acidity is more rounded and reminiscent of lemon curd.

Made with preserved lemons, this Keg only release for the winter season is a bright glassful of refreshment with enough warming alcohol and body to be comforting at the same time.
~ The Wild Beer Co.

Sleeping Lemons Export
A preserved lemon Gose up at ‘Export Strength’ as a tongue-in-cheek nod to historical export beers being made stronger to last their journey across the seas. Bigger and bolder than regular Sleeping Lemons it is sweeter, richer, more intense.

Grains: Barley, Lager Malt, Wheat
Hops: Saaz
Yeast: Mixed Culture

Appearance: Pale Yellow
Aroma: Sweet Lemons and biscuit
Flavor: Lemon Curd, Sweet pastry
Finish: Lingering meringue sweetness

ABV 6, IBU 5, SRM 8, Plato 11

Unique Aspect:
The bigger sibling of Sleeping Lemons the only differnece is an increase in the amount of malt used to create a higher gravity wort. As such it is sweeter, juicier, richer giving it the likeness of Lemon Meringue Pie. Biscuity malt base, full lemon curd acidity and light meringue sweetness. Initially it was all to be shipped to America but we liked the recipe so much that we had to keep some of the yellow max dipped 750ml bottles back for ourselves!

Food Pairings:
At 6% the alcohol becomes a charcater of the beer, sweet and a little hot. This heat will stand up to bold flavours in the kitchen and may overpower delicate flavours. Along with its tart acidity, it pairs incredibly well when paired with Morrocan spiced dishes, the preserved lemons in the beer coming into their own. Again thinking of the beer as an additional ingredient the salt and lemon aspect is perfect for white fish dishes, it’s what you’d likely add to it

Sleeping Lemons
Alc./Vol.: 6.0

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