Schneider Weisse

Style: Hefe Weizen
Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn, Kelheim, Germany

"Might be regarded as the classic example of this category ..."
- Michael Jackson, Pocket Guide to Beer, 1993, p.53

"This beer sets up the tastebuds like no other beer I know... A beer to waltz to"
- Roger Protz

"It's hard to argue with an original"
- Charlie Papazian

The primary fermentation lasts 3-5 days in open fermenters which insure plenty of oxygen for the top fermenting yeast. Next, the brew goes through a secondary fermentation in the bottle using the same original multi-strain yeast as was used in the primary fermentation.

While the use of open fermenters is rare in Germany, the use of such a complex yeast strain for bottle refermentation is even more uncommon. Bigger breweries are averse to these practices as they do not provide as much stability as conventional methods; however, a more complex aroma and flavor profile is achieved through the use of such a complex yeast strain in this environment. Finally, the beer is stabilized at 46 degrees F for two weeks after the two warm fermentations.

Vienna and some darker malts supply a beautiful bronze-brown color. Hersbrucker and Hallertau hops lend 14 IBU for balance and preservative power only.

Schneider Weisse
Alc./Vol.: 5.4
Orginal Gravity: 1054
EBC: 19
IBU: 13

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