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BrettBrett Double IPA w/100% Brett
Cool as a Cucumber
Evolver IPA w/ 100% Brettanomyces
LeVain {in UK: "SourDough" }
M.V. {Modus Vivendi}
Shnoodlepip ("wild collaboration")
Sleeping Lemons
Smoke n' Barrels
Somerset Saison
Somerset Wild
The Wild Summer Blend of 2016
Iduna Cru
Draft Instructions
Style: Special Saison
Collections: Beer,

Batch Specific CO2 Levels
Version: Code: CO2:
Keg 252 5.9 (+/- 0.5) g/L
Keg 429 0.0 (+/- 0.5) g/L
Keg 517 6.5 (+/- 0.5) g/L
Keg 974 5.3 (+/- 0.5) g/L
Picture: Iduna Cru bottle logo
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