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Gravity Keg Guide

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Step 1: Required Components

WARNING: Without these 2 items you will not be able to tap the keg properly!

1. Vent cap (Plastic or brass)

2. Tap (Plastic or brass). It must be a gravity keg tap, a FIRKIN TAP DOES NOT WORK! The rubber gasket is very important as it holds the tap in the keg. Please make sure that it is not missing.
Step 2: Situate the keg

Move the keg about 60 minutes prior to pouring!

1. 30 minutes prior to pouring pull the keg out of your cold box and move it to the desired pouring location.

2. Place the keg on a solid non slip surface. If a non slip surface is not possible make sure that the surface is flat.
Step 3: Vent the keg

WARNING: Do not skip this step!
1. Make sure the screw on the top of the vent is not engaged. Turn it counterclockwise to open it.

2. Slide the cap on.

3. Engage the vent by turning it clockwise until you hear a hissing sound. A little foam coming from the top can occur during this step.

4. Let the keg vent for 5 minutes prior to pouring.
5. Close the vent cap.
Step 4: Tap the keg

WARNING: You do not need to use excessive force on the tap!
1. Move the rubber gasket to the end of the tap so it is easier to align.

2. Align the back of the tap with rubber gasket into the gravity tap hole.

3. Make sure your tap is closed. To check you can try blowing through it.

4A. Use your bodyweight to twist and push the tap into the keg until fully engaged


4B. Use a rubber mallet to engage the tap by hitting the nose of the tap with the mallet. You do not need to use excessive strength on the blows!
Step 5: Pouring

1. Close the vent cap to start.

2. Pour the beer from the tap by turning the handle and holding the glass slightly tilted underneath. IF the beer is shooting out of the tap very fast and foaming. Re open the vent as far as possible by turning it clockwise and wait for the pressure to escape. Keep the vent slightly open.

3. If the beer starts to pour very slowly or not at all open the vent vent cap by turning it counterclockwise until the desired pouring speed is reached. If it is starting the slow down dramatically the keg is close to being empty and you can tilt the keg or prop it up from the back with a wood block.
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