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De Dues Andante
De Dues Original Ale
De Dues Tocatta
Cerveses De Dues
Type: Brewery
Website: http://www.dedues.com

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Cerveses DeDues is born of the third generation of a family devoted in soul to high quality food.

Placed in the house named traditionally "Can Valentí", in Sant Esteve D'en Bas, Vall D'en Bas, in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone (Girona/Spain), in an exhuberant vegetation, is in a paradisiac place its lands recognized for being from great fertility.

The company is set in a behavior of sustainable development of the territory where it integrates, to make an authentically natural product of "haute gastronomy".

The Beer DeDues is elaborated in the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone, the best exponent of volcanic landscape of the Iberian peninsula, and one of the best of Europe.

The last eruptions date of approximately 11,000 years ago.

The orography, the sun and the climate provide a fantastic vegetation difficult to repeat, with beech and oakwoods of exceptional landscape value. The Fageda D'en Jordà is the best example.

The water of the zone is from a special mineralization due to its volcanic legacy .

Picture: De Dues bottles
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