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Fuchshof German Cider "Most"
New Release
Date: June 25, 2015
Collections: Cider & Perry, Draft,

Fuchshof, a 3rd generation agricultural family business, is located near Dingelsdorf at the German shore of beautiful Lake Constance (German: Bodensee). Lake Constance, gouged out by a massive glacier in the Ice Age and one of Europe’s largest lakes, is situated at the northern foot of the Alps with shorelines in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The Rhine River flows through the lake entering near Bregenz in the South and exiting over the Rheinfalls in Schaffhausen to the North before it continues its journey through Germany into the North Sea.

Fuchshof “Most”
Classic rough cider “German interpretation”
Between 5% and 6% alc./vol.

Fuchshof Most consists of the apple varieties “Braeburn” and “Jonagold”, mixed with the pear varieties “Oberösterreichische Weinbirne (Austrian Speckbirne)” and “Schweizer Wasserbirne (Swiss Kluderbirne)”. The Germans use a method that is remotely similar to the pressing & filtering of high end sake:
1. They wrap the crushed apples into canvas
2. Put a wooden board on top of it
3. Another layer of crushed apples in canvas on top of it
4 .Another wooden board on top of it ...and so on unitl they create 10 layers.

“The cider pours a rich copper with light gold highlights strewn throughout the liquid, while subtle legs sit atop. Bountiful aromatics greet you once you approach the glass: acidic apples, earthy straw and hay, a beautiful interplay between the gentle barnyard-like phenols and the slightest hint of warming alcohol. The flavors follow suit with sharp apple acidity once the liquid hits your tounge, balanced by a white grape character along with a hint of fresh cut grass. An engrossing minerality encompasses the palate just before the long yet clean finish. A wonderfully unique cider, unlike any cider I’ve tried.”
- Tasting notes by Tony Pellino of O.E.C. Brewing

ETA: In Stock

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Release Formats:
Version/Vintage Type Size
Fuchshof German Cider {tart/sour "Most"}
Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg

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