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Sesma Brewing
New Release
Date: Jan. 29, 2016
Collections: Beer,
Sesma Brewing
Navarre, Basque Country, Spain

Alberto Garcia founded Sesma Brewing in 2013. At first he worked as a gypsy brewer, brewing his beers at two Spanish breweries, until late 2014 when he opened his own 10hl brewery in Sesma, Spain.

The beers from Sesma are fermented with multiple yeast strains, few of which are actually traditional beer yeasts. Sesma Brewing works closely with his brother Dr. David Garcia’s company, Lev2050. David has his Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Biology and is also an expert in yeast and genetics. At Lev2050 he works closely with wineries and vineyards to isolate and study different yeast strains from wines and grapes and study their biological nature and organoleptic qualities. In short, Lev2050 is Sesma’s source for yeasts. And Alberto will decide, with the help of his brother, what yeasts to use in each of his recipe depending on what flavors, aromas, acidity, attenuation, etc. he is looking to achieve in the final beer. Using different yeast in each beer requires extra attention during the fermentation process, to make sure the yeast is healthy and operating throughout.

Alberto is not interested in big hoppy beers, that are currently in vogue in the Spanish craft beer scene. Instead he aims to achieve subtle flavors, nuance, and harmony in his beers. Sesma Brewing may be making some of the most unique beers to come out of Spain now.

ETA: Now

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Release Formats:
Version/Vintage Type Size ETA
Prunus Persica
Spanish Ale w/wild yeast & peaches Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Spanish ale w/ wild yeast & peaches Case 8 x 16.9oz / 500.0mL Bottle(s)
Sin Nombre
Spanish ale w/wild wine yeast & spices Case 8 x 16.9oz / 500.0mL Bottle(s)
Spanish ale w/wild wine yeast & spices Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg

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