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ID: 26 Whisky / Pinot Noir #16

Barrel Filling


Brand: Old Engine Oil
Producer: Harviestoun Brewery

Barrel Source: Ransom Spirits
Barrel: Whisky / Pinot Noir #16

Fill Date: June 23, 2011
Empty Date: Jan. 17, 2014
ETA Date: Jan. 4, 2014

Barrel Filling History

Brand: Fill Date: Empty Date:
Old Engine Oil June 23, 2011 Jan. 17, 2014


Aug. 26, 2011
Appearance: Very dark brown, almost black in color.
Aroma: Hints of sourness and dark fruits. A small touch of barnyard funk.
Flavor: Strong roasted notes. Chocolate, coffee notes interplay with with a touch of sourness from brettanomyces.
Finish: Lasting dark chocolate and roasted notes in the finish.

Nov. 28, 2011
Appearance: Black in color with little carbonation.
Aroma: Notes of chocolate and dark roasted coffee.
Flavor: Dark chocolate mixed with an earthy red wine.
Finish: Lasting roasted and dark chocolate notes.

Oct. 2, 2013
Appearance: Dark chocolate, almost black in color.
Flavor: Nutty, boozy. Dark chocolate, notes of whisky. Little fruitiness from the wine.
Finish: Dry and some bitter dark chocolate.

Jan. 15, 2014
Appearance: Dark black with brown lacing.
Aroma: Sweet soy sauce.
Flavor: Vanilla & sweetness from the whisky, just a touch of sourness.
Finish: Dryness with just a hint of sourness.

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