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Uerige "Classic"
Uerige "Doppelsticke"
Uerige "Sticke"
Uerige Sticke "Jroen"
Uerige Stickum
Uerige Stickum Plus
Uerige Stickum Plus in Cognac barrels
Uerige Obergaerige Hausbrauerei
Type: Brewery
Website: http://www.uerige.de/

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Built in 1632 and converted to a brewpub in 1862, Uerige Brewery, named for the cranky owner Wilhelm Cuerten, has established the Duesseldorfer interpretation of Altbier as the classic of the style. After the building was completely destroyed in World War II, the new owner Rudi Arnold began reconstructing the brewpub in 1945. In 1949 he finished, and in 1976 the Schnitzler family took over the company.


Unfortunately, it cannot be settled anymore when exactly the highly traditional patrician town house on Berger Strasse was built; however, documents prove that from 1658 to 1783 it was owned by the Pfeilstricker family. We also know that in the mid-18th century a certain Heinrich Lichtschlag ran an imperial coach station here, offering accommodation and food for travelers. Around this time, the name Zum Heydelberger Fass ("the Heidelberg keg") appeared for the first time.

Present Day

Since 1999, Michael Schnitzler, a studied engineer, has been successfully running the business and we can say that even today the UERIGE is just as closely attached to tradition as it is to innovation.

This proved true yet again on February 13, 2008 when the STICKUM annex was inaugurated. Spread over several floors, approximately 1,300 extra square meters have been created to cater for the brewery and its guests. It is the stated aim of the UERIGE to create a ‘crystal brewery’, one which will allow its guests to observe the vital stages of the brewing process, and we have made a large step towards reaching this aim.

Picture: Zum Urige, Duesseldorf Altstadt
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