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Wild Creatures {Czech Republic}
Type: Brewery

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Wild Creatures
Beer born among the vineyards.

Wild Creatures is the only one Czech brewery with spontaneously fermented beer. We pave our own way since 2011. First beer release was in 2016 (after five years of experiments). Due to unique environment you can enjoy original beer which perfectly reflects the beauty of our winery region.
The basic idea is to link together beer production and traditional wine techniques. Local vintners always used spontaneous fermentation when produce wine in the past. We use old wine cellar for the inoculation; the beer is aged in old wine barrels.
Our strengths are experiences with not only beer but also wine production. We have an advantage of perfect knowledge of our local wine terroir where we have our own vineyards.
Due to new complicated experiments we are starting cooperation with University of Agriculture and Research Institute.

We brew the wort in Mamut Brewery (our own brewery with mainly bottom fermented production). The grist usually contains pale malts and part of unmalted wheat. Warm wort is moved to the cellar into the vessels where it is inoculated. And pumped into oak barrels afterwards where it ages; some of them for years.
We are small family brewery. Development of new procedures and keeping high quality standards are more important for us than exponential turnover growth.
Beers are well harmonized with the stress on the balance more than just sourness.
Our beer won “Discovery of the year 2016” and gold medal on Czech Beer Crowns competition (2017).


Libor Ilcik

Studied at Mendel University in Brno. Was mainly focused on biotechnology in horticulture and winemaking methods. Among others, he worked as Chief Production Officer in bigger winery corporation. He is skilled technologist and his knowledge of biochemist is also very useful.

Jitka Ilcikova
Holds Master of Science degree, did strategic planning in International Corporation. She loves sour beers she first met during her stay in Belgium. Was born to vintner family, worked on vineyards and in the wine cellar from early childhood. Spent 5 years with first trial-and-error batches.

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Picture: Town of Mikulov /Jitka Ilcikova/ Vineyard
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