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Plank Dunkler Weizenbock
Plank Fastenbier
Plank Hefeweizen, unfiltered
Plank Heller Weizenbock
Plank's "Oids Dunkles"
Brauerei Michael Plank
Type: Brewery

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Brauerei Plank, Bavaria - Historic brewery of 1617
Today’s Benchmark for Bavarian Style Wheatbeers

With over 16 medals at the biennial World Beer Cup Michael Plank’s wheatbeer portfolio has set the highest benchmark for flavor and aroma harmony in Bavarian style wheat beers One secret of his success: The various ingredients of his wheatbeers are grown and cultivated on the fields his family has owned for many generations.

To be shipped to us via our fleet of temperature controlled tank containers to ensure highest flavor/ aroma/ freshness quality.
To be kegged in 20l, 30l + 50l kegs . All kegs tall/slim fitted with American Sankey.

Picture: Michael Plank at the World Beer Cup ceremony
Picture: Brauerei Plank
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