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De Dolle XL
Dulle Teve
Oerbier Special Reserva
Special Extra Export Stout
Stille Nacht
Stille Nacht Special Reserva
De Dolle Brouwers
Type: Brewery
Website: http://www.dedollebrouwers.be/

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De Dolle is an award winning Belgian brewery, based in a small village of Esen in the province of West Flanders (not Essen near Antwerp).

The building housing the brewery is believed to date from 1835 and has a long brewing history since its inception by local doctor Louis Nevejan, having become the Costenoble brewery in approximately 1882 and remaining in that family for three generations. It was defunct when purchased by De Dolle and restored to function as a brewery in 1980.

Kris Herteleer, the current owner & brewer of De Dolle, is also an artist, which is apparent as soon as you enter this rustic brewery. The walls are painted in the same style that graces the labels of De Dolle beer. This should be no surprise, since the brewer, Kris, designed both! The De Dolle brewery uses a unique and rustic set up, that includes an enormous copper coolship (cooling trough).

In addition to the brewery itself, there is a small tasting room for locals and visitors, and an area for barrel aging special beers.

Picture: De Dolle brewery logo
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