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Grappa e Miele Toscano
Idromele "Nettare di Bacco"
Apicoltura Dr.Pescia
Type: Italian Meadery

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The Bee-keeping Dr. Pescia is a firm which was born in 1965 and it is situated in the province of Leghorn, on the Etruscan Coast 1 km from Rosignano Marittimo, which is an ancient Etruscan settlement and a medieval fortobtaining.
The working techniques, the great passion, the will and the ability of the members of the firm contribute to the making of quality products. We practise nomadism by taking the hives to the whereabouts of the flowers typical of Tuscany, in the most protected and greenest zones of the region, from Parco dell’Uccellina to Foresta dell’Abetone, to Parco delle Colline Livornesi, obtainign apart from the excellent Thousand Flower Honey, also high quality Monofloral Honey Our Honeys: Thousand Flower, Chestnut, Sunflower, Sulla, Acacia, Wood honeydew, Eucaliptus, Mediterranean Heather, Ivy Flower, Blackberry, Killarney Strawberry, Honey with Pollen and Royal Jelly, Honey with Propolis.

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