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Pilton Somerset Keeved Cider, UK
Pilton Cider
Type: British Cider Producer

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Pilton are artisan producers at the heart of Somerset’s cider-land making whole juice
sparkling cider by the old English method of keeving.

Apples are collected from traditional cider orchards in and around the parish of Pilton and slowly fermented for six months in our cool Victorian cellar before bottling.

The orchards & apple varieties:

Worthy Farm
For fifty weeks of the year, the orchard at Worthy Farm is a very quiet place. Old cider trees stand gracefully in a narrow strip of land by a stream. But for two weeks every year, things are very different. Glasto arrives!
The orchard is grazed by sheep in the late summer and winter but receives no artificial fertilizer or sprays of any kind.

The Museum
The ‘Museum’ is the name we give to a very special orchard, planted by the Showerings to preserve the most rare of Somerset apple varieties. It is located within a private estate behind the Shepton Mallet Cider Mill, home of Gaymers, Addlestones & Taunton Cider and now owned by Magners GB.
The orchard contains 88 varieties of cider apple that produce a great cider. We really enjoy using the fruit but it is hard work to collect as the trees are planted on a hill with the only access at the top. Every apple has to be wheel-barrowed out.
The 88 varieties are planted alphabetically:
Ashton Bitter/ Ashton Brown Jersey / Backwell Red / Bell Apple / Black Vallis / Breakwell’s Seedling / Brown Snout / Brown Thorn / Brown’s Apple / Broxwood Foxwhelp / Burrow Hill Early / Camelot / Cap of Liberty / Captain Broad / Chisel Jersey / Cider Lady’s Finger / Coat Jersey / Collington Big Bitters / Collogett Pippin / Court Royal / Crimson Victoria / Cummy Norman / Dabinett / Doux Normandie / Dove / Duffin / Dunkerton’s Late Sweet / Dymock Red / Ellis Bitter / Fair Maid of Devon / Fillbarrel / Four Square / Frederick / Gennet Moyle / Gin / Hangdown / Harry Master’s Jersey / Hereford Broadleaf / Improved Dove / Improved Lambrook Pippin / Improved Redstreak / Improved Woodbine / Kingston Black / Knotted Kernel / Langworthy / Major / Medaille D’Or / Michelin / Morgan’s Sweet / Nehou / Northwood / Oster / Pennard Bitter / Pethyre / Pigs Snout / Port Wine / Porter’s Perfection / Red Jersey / Redstrake / Reine des Hatives / Reine des Pomme / Reinette O’Bry / Royal Somerset / Sheeps Nose / kyrme’s Kernel / Slack-ma-Girdle / Somerset Redstreak / Sops In Wine / Stable Jersey / Stembridge / Clusters / Stembridge Jersey / Stoke Red / Strawberry Norman / Sweet Alford / Sweet Blenheim / Sweet Coppin / Tale Sweet / Tan Harvey / Tardive Forestier / Taunton Fair Maid / Taylor’s Sweet / Ten Commandments / Tom Putt / Tremlett’s Bitter / Vileberie / White Jersey / White Muscadet / Yarlington Mill

Platterwell Lane
The orchard off Platterwell Lane is owned by Roy Trott, one of Somerset’s legendary cider-makers but is managed by Orchard Ground Force, the horticultural sister company to The Orchard Pig.
The magnificent trees are all classic Somerset varieties, planted in the traditional wide spacing and grazed by Roy’s dairy cows during the spring and early summer.

Morley’s Orchard
Morley’s is our own brand new orchard that has just been planted with the latest generation of cider apple varieties. Developed by Liz Copas and the National Association of Cider Makers from the best of traditional varieties, these have been chosen for their disease resistance, early cropping and regular harvest.
The orchard lies in the Pylle valley, just off the Fosse Way, with views beyond to the famous cider regions of East Pennard and West Bradley.

Pylle Church
This is a classic English orchard; complete with Norman church, badger sett and a magnificent owl box in an ancient oak.
The orchard is part of Writh Farm, which adjoins the Glastonbury Festival site and once a year hosts the chic Land & Sky luxury camp site.

Picture: Pilton Cider logo
Picture: The Orchards. Pictures courtesy of Pilton Cider
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