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B. United International Inc.
Founded: 1994

Mission Statement

B. United International was established in the summer of 1994 upon a review of the most distinctive beers available around the world. The resulting portfolio contains an exclusive mix of brands that share several common characteristics including: traditional brewing processes and ingredients, superior longevity, and the ability to deliver the ultimate taste and flavor experience to our customer for the respective category. The portfolio features brands by breweries committed to producing hand-crafted styles according to quality and tradition, forgoing the temptation to become larger commercial entities aimed at mass markets. Over the last years we have broadened our mission to include the most spectacular examples in the categories of mead, cidre, and sake.

Challenge yourself to our World Classics and you will be surprised to learn that there are beers, meads, sake, and cidres for all of life's occasions. Savor an Aventinus Doppelbock after a meal with dessert, or relax and delight in the smoky taste of an Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier with friends around the fireplace on a long winter's night.

We hope that you enjoy our portfolio of beers, cidre, sake, and mead and continue to experiment and learn about the superior taste, bouquet, and balance characteristics of these true world classics.

Matthias Neidhart
B. United International Inc.

Shipping & Freshness

Shipping is a critical link in ensuring that the brands taste exactly the same to our customers, as they taste in their country of origin. Our world classics are shipped to minimize exposure to light and temperature variations and all cases are stored under the water line on trans-Atlantic vessels to further ensure stability and quality. Once in America, our customized supply system allows distributors to order "just in time" quantities from our temperature controlled warehouse in small quantities.

Market Support

The B. United International portfolio is supported in the market through our Beer Seminar Program. It provides the distributor and retailer an opportunity to educate their sales personnel prior to the initiation of the selling process, thus, establishing a new link between importer, distributor, retailer, and ultimate consumer.
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