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Klostergarden, Norway
Type: Brewery
Website: https://klostergardentautra.no

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Tucked into a deep fjord that slices into the west coast of Norway, a tiny island called Tautra has drawn people to its fertile shores. Kjersti Brustad and Peter Dahlbom left these shores to explore other paths before returning home to continue farming like the 5 generations of their family before them.

Klostergarden is a small farmhouse brewery on the island of Tautra. The brewery is located at the ancient monastery ruins, where they offer accommodation and sells a number of the farm's products, including beer. The brewery was started as an extension of the food and beer garden in klostergården with the desire to brew good and exciting beers which both cater to the various dishes served and also can be enjoyed alone.

Picture: Klostergarden Vintage Malt House
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