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Austrian Sparkling "Champagne" Mead
Extra Dry Austrian Mead
Single Varietal Chestnut Mead
Single Varietal Honey Dew Mead
Single Varietal Limetree Blossom Mead
Speckbirne "Cyser"
Winter Mead w/spices
Die Hochland Imker
Type: Meadery
Website: www.hochlandimker.at

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The company "Highland Beekeepers Fruehwirth KG" was founded in May 2004 and entered into the company register at the Commercial Court in Linz, Austria. The owners (shareholders) are Dipl. Ing. Peter Fruehwirth as fully liable partner in a limited partnership and Doris Fruehwirth as the limited partner.

"Woods and meadows, fields and heathlands, deep valley and rolling hills, a countryside exuding harmony and vigour: This is the place we call home - the Muehlviertel between the valley of the Danube and the forests of Bohemia.

The Fruehwirth family, Doris and Peter and their son Valentin, strives to offer outstanding products by adhering to organic principles in the care of their bees.

The Muehlviertel’s strength lies in its soil. These uplands have never been suitable for intensive agriculture, and this ancient landscape has only ever shared its fruits with those who have shaped it by the toil of their hands. The reward of these labours is a rich and diverse cultural countryside.

Our bees also benefit from all this vitality. Our nectar and honey dew, pollen and propolis are rich, nourishing, aromatic and delicious.

The Hochland Beekeepers are committed to preserving the character of this unique central European agricultural region. Simplicity and honesty are the very essences of these granite uplands, and the Hochland Beekeepers are dedicated to making it possible for our customers to enjoy these qualities in both our traditional and in our more innovative products.

Letting go and slowing down, heighten our awareness of our world, rediscovering values like authenticity and local identity, savouring them and through them achieving a sense of wellbeing: this is what the Hochland Beekeepers wish to offer people who share their vision." Peter Fruehwirth, translated by Inga Whithehouse | 02.03.2009

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