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AVENTINUS 110th Anniversary
The classic/historic Wheat Doppel-Bock
Date: June 28, 2017
Collections: Beer, Draft,

Its LAUNCH in 1907 by Mathilde Schneider caused “massive furor”, “outrage”, and “tumult” in the ultraconservative German brewing industry.

Remember: according to “German tradition”, ales could never be a “Bockbier style” and the brand name needs to be associated with a “Saint”.

110 years later, we celebrate one of the most remarkable beers in this world. Aventinus, wheat doppelbock, in its ORIGINAL PURPLE COLOR with its “savior” AVENTINE
(the Bavarian historian as well as a saint laid to rest on one of Rome’s seven hills).

The classic/historic Wheat Doppel-Bock
"Aventinus has a huge head, an insistent sparkle, malty notes in the nose: chocolate, fruit and spices in the palate: and a lightly clove-like finish." - Rated **** World-Classic by the late Michael Jackson, Pocket Guide to Beer, p.57

ETA: in stock

Related Producers: Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn,

Release Formats:
Version/Vintage Type Size
Case 20 x 16.9oz / 500.0mL Bottle(s)

File Type:.pdf
Size:2.8 MB
To download please right click on the link below and select Save As
Description: AVENTINUS 110th Anniversary - The Classic Wheat Doppel-Bock back in its historic glory

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