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Introducing the Belgian Owl Whisky
New Product Release
Date: June 10, 2011
Collections: Spirits,
The Belgian Owl Single Malt Whiskey is the first Belgian whiskey ever made with barley grown in Belgium. It is the outcome of the determined efforts of Etienne Bouillon, a master distiller from Liege.

The barley malt is distilled in century-old stills, then aged in oak casks for three years. During the maturation process, it gradually takes on its lovely amber color and develops magnificent aromas of pear, cherry, and lily. The finish hints at apples.

“European Single Cask Whisky of the Year”– Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2011, on the 44-month edition of the Belgian Owl.

ETA: In Stock

Related Producers: The Owl Distillery SA,

Release Formats:
Version/Vintage Type Size ETA
The Belgian Owl Single Malt Whiskey
Case 6 x 25.4oz / 750.0mL Bottle(s)

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