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Gift Sets
Seasonal Release
Date: Oct. 30, 2013
Collections: Beer, Sake & Wine,
Gregorious & Benno Giftbox
Trappist Monastery St. Engelszell, Austria
Each giftbox contains:
1 x 11.2oz Benno
1 x 11.2oz Gregorious
1 x Stift Engelszell glass.
6 giftboxes per masterbox.

Schneider Giftbox
Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn, Germany
Each giftbox contains:
1 x 16.9oz Aventinus
1 x 11.2oz Aventinus Eisbock
1 x 16.9oz Schneider Weisse
1 x 16.9oz Organic Weisen Edel Weisse
1 x 16.9oz Schneider Brooklyner Weisse
1 x Schneider 330mL glass
5 giftboxes per masterbox.

Kikusakari Sake Giftbox
Kiuchi Brewery, Japan
Each giftbox contains:
1 x 180ml Gekkakow Vintage Junmai Daiginjo
1 x 180ml Kurahibiki
1 x 180mL Asamuraskai
1 x 180mL Kurashizuku
1 x 180mL Tarusake
5 giftboxes per masterbox.

ETA: Now

Related Producers: Kiuchi Shuzou Ltd, Privatbrauerei G. Schneider & Sohn, Trappist Monastery Stift Engelszell,
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