Baladin Wayan

Style: Spiced Saison
Birrificio Baladin, Piozzo, Italy

"Today there are more than ninety small craft breweries in Italy, some of them producing excellent beers. My favorite is the brew pub Birra Baladin, run by Teo Musso, a talented brewer in the tiny Piemontese hilltop town of Piozzo, a quick drive from the famous wine villages of Barolo and La Morra. He spent some time at Brasserie a Vapeur in Belgium, and its influence shows clearly. Musso, well balanced beers are largely brewed in Belgian styles, and he certainly has a Belgian sense of creativity, using herbs, spices, and unusual grains with abandon."
Garrett Oliver, The Brewmaster's Table, p. 19

Wayan is made of 17 different ingredients - 5 cereals: barley, spelt, wheat, rye and buckwheat. 9 spices, of which 5 peppers, in a renewed mix. Teo calls it a "saison", but it is certainly his personal definition of a saison. The balance & bitterness is by a high degree provided by the many spices some of which are very very unusual in brewing, and Teo does not disclose them. This quite unusual combination of spices and herbs greatly impacts the finish which again is very different from regular saison-style ales.

Fizzy and refreshing, with a light, slightly cloudy color. Its aromas are reminiscent of the countryside and sun-soaked citrus orchards, and perfectly combine with the notes of orange blossoms, pear and bergamot, present in the recipe.

Wayan Sour is a sour version of the classic Wayan. The color is the same deep, slightly hazy yellow, while the head is a bit rougher, but persistent enough. The sour nature of this beer is immediately perceived through the nose, although delicate notes of fruit and cereals emerge in the background. The taste surprises with its subtlety and the perfect balance between the sour component and the malty tones. The fruit and honey tastes, which create a perfect harmony with the acidity, make the whole experience smoother and create a beer that is very easy to drink. The finish is not particularly dry and very pleasantly sour.

Baladin Wayan
Alc./Vol.: 5.8
Orginal Gravity: 1019
Final Gravity: 1066
EBC: 25

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