Nuova Mattina

Style: Saison
Birrificio del Ducato, Soragna, Italy

Top fermented beer which undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle. It draws inspirations from the Belgian Saisons. It is surprisingly spicy due to the use of wild flowers, chamomile, coriander, green peppercorn and ginger. Deep gold with orange highlights, it has exceptionally floral and spicy aromas. It finishes with a quenching dryness and an earthy bitterness. It is an ode to spring.

A journey through forests and dales, a hymn of hope for the day to come

This beer is particularly dear to me. I envisioned it while I was training at Birrificio Italiano (an Italian brewpub) during the spring of 2006. I was extremely excited, I could feel the dream that I had long held in my heart about to come true. Every morning I used to say “This is a new day” and since the first blossoms on the trees were enunciating the coming of spring, I decided to brew a beer to honor the season, rebirth and new beginnings.

To express my vision I decided on a Saison because it is a beer strongly connected to the land. (Saisons are traditionally brewed by the farmers of the Hainaut region in Belgium.)

Although choosing the beer was simple, selecting the herbs and spices was surprisingly difficult. I wanted both to recall the scent of a blooming field and create a fresh, intriguing and easy to drink beer. In order to achieve the right balance of herbs and spices, I remember drinking herbal infusions every day during that winter.
I had no doubt on the name. I called it “New Morning” after Bob Dylan’s song about the awe for life and nature’s marvels.

description from Birrificio del Ducato website

Suggested pairings: Fish and raw shellfish, herb risottos and some varieties of semi cured cheeses.

Storing temperature:: Between 4 and 8°C (it keeps best refrigerated).
Serving temperature:: Between 8 and 12°C (depending on the room temperature).

Nuova Mattina
Alc./Vol.: 5.9

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