Style: Sparkling Cassis Flavor
Birrificio Italiano, Lurago Marinone (CO), Italy

Exuberant, effervescent, sweet Cassissona, the beer with a punch, has a rich, complex fruity aroma - primarily black currant - besides other innovative and intense flavors and scents.

Its sweetness and strength impart a certain languidness and mellowness to mind and soul. It is suitable for unflappable folks or appropriate as a specific remedy for people suffering from hyper-efficiency. After Cassissona, there is the void: an astronomical number of tiny bubbles carry - at the velocity of the expanding gas - fragrant molecules (esters and superior alcohol) and massive doses of ethyl alcohol to the few agitated and awed neurons in the brain. There is no time for questions, nor is it a time for answers, so just sit back, get comfy and enjoy a mouthful of life. I indubitably placed it on the 7th level of the B.I. Scale, and with the same certainty, I called it: "Rien va plus!"

Birrificio Italino is a small brewpup [700hl per year] in Lurago Marinone {close to Como} . The owner and brewmaster Agostino Arioli is a craft brewer and " accused of crimes against the Italian beerdrinkers.....His crime: ......"You are a criminal Agostino. I can not drink any other beer but yours now."

{adopted from Charlie Papazian, Poets of the Brewing Industry,}

Brewing Process:
A small amount of Cassis is added at the beginning of the fermentation. It is matured for at least six months. Bottle-conditioned & unpasteurized.

Alc./Vol.: 6.5
Orginal Gravity: 1066
Plato: 17.0
EBC: 50

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