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Style: Mead
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This mead is enjoyed by those who have learned the subtleties of mead and can savour the extremely discreet honey notes and pleasant almond aftertaste. It has been matured for three months before release.

Best served chilled with game, red meats and curries. A sociable after dinner drink that will assist the consumer in solving the worlds problems (in theory)!

Tasting Notes

Golden yellow.

Sweet and floral aroma.

Flavors of honey, citrus and flowers.

Discreet honey and almond aftertaste.

Alc./Vol.: 12.0 %

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Wooden Cask 225l 1 * 59.4 gal. Wooden Barrel 225 l
Aged in Japanese Cedar Barrel Keg 1 * 6.6 gal.
Maturing in South African wine barrels Keg 1 * 2.6 gal. keg
Maturing in South African wine barrels Keg 1 * 5.3 gal.
Maturing in South African wine barrels on its journey Case 6 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 0 62067 02711 0
Method Accidental {wild fermented}, 3 years Shiraz barrel Keg 1 * 2.6 gal. keg
Method Accidental {wild fernented}, 3 years Shiraz barrel Case 6 * 12.7 oz. Bottle(s) 062067032592
ZYMATORE, Aged in Mourverdre Wine Barrel Gravity Keg 1 * 1.3 gal.
Zymatore, Aged in Shiraz & Red Wine barrels Keg 1 * 5.3 gal.
Zymatore, aged 2 1/2 years in Voignier white wine barrel Keg 1 * 5.3 gal.
aged in Japanese Cedar Barrel Keg 1 * 5.3 gal.
Picture: iQhilika African Dry Mead 25.4oz bottle.
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