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Sarasola Sagardoa
Style: Basque Cider

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Unfiltered & Unpasteurized

Sarasola Sagardoa is a traditional Basque cider from a cider house located in the apple growing hills of Astigarraga.

Pouring & Serving: Since Basque cider is “natural” and not sparkling the cider is poured by holding the bottle up high above the head and pouring into a glass that is held just below waiste level. Pouring from elevation allows the cidre to pick up some natural carbonation when it hits the glass.

Basque Cider History & Tradition:
Source: Wikipedia
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagardotegi

Most Basque cider, as indeed most cider varieties in Spain, is called "natural" because unlike many other European varieties it is still, not sparkling. It normally contains 4-6% alcohol and is served directly from the barrel in a sagardotegi.

The more recent traditions surrounding the sagardotegis hail back to the time when buyers interested in purchasing cider from a particular maker would bring along food for the tasting as it is considered best when taken with a meal.

This soon evolved into gastronomical tradition with the sagardotegis becoming a cross between a grill and a cider house. In a traditional sagardotegi, three courses are taken:

* starter: a cod omelette or cod with peppers
* main: a steak
* desert: cheese (often Idiazabal cheese), quince and nuts

Tasting Notes

Bright and vibrant yellow color with tints of green and a bit of sediment cloudiness.

No alcohol aroma but an enormous amount of the apple aroma.

Maintains a careful balance between sour and sweet. A sharp, tart initial flavor is balanced and rounded by sweetness. Naturally fermented without the addition of yeasts or sugar, this is a pure and delicious. It is deep in flavor with a tannic quality and a very complex flavor profile that changes

Dry finish.

Alc./Vol.: 6.0 %

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Gravity Keg 1 * 1.3 gal. Keg
Case 12 * 25.4 oz. Bottle(s) 0 62067 03049 9
Keg 1 * 5.3 gal. Keg
Keg 1 * 7.9 gal. Keg
Picture: Sarasola Sagardoa 750mL bottle label.
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