Style: Junmaishu Sake
Kiuchi Shuzo 1823 Ltd, Ibaraki-ken Naka-gun, Japan

"Asamurasaki "Morning Purple Red Rice Sake" by Kiuchi Sakery Japan, this is a sake made from red rice and is in fact, a red sake with an unusual taste. This is a Junmaishu sake, polished to 65% vs national Japanese average of 73%.

Red rice was cultured in ancient times and is hardly used any more. This very unique sake is naturally red in color and slightly sweet with some definite berry-like aromas and flavours and has a slight "spritz" to the mouthfeel.

The principles of sake brewing are: 1. Koji, 2. Moto, 3. Tsukuri

To brew the best sake, we must carefully select the rice that is best suited and follow a strict discipline in nurturing koji. The most essential process is making koji, followed by moto(the general term for the shubo making process), and finally, moromi-mash making called “tsukuri”.

To brew delicious pure sake, Kiuchi brewery only brew with 100% pure rice.

The Sake Rice (sakamai) is first polished (milled). Polishing must be gentle to avoid cracking the rice kernels, and must be done slowly to avoid too much heat being generated. The quality of the rice's polishing is based on the grade of sake it will produce. More polished for a higher grade sake. Kiuchi Junmaishu rice-polished ratio is 65%.

Alc./Vol.: 14.0

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