Beersel Mattina

Style: Saison/Lambic
Birrificio del Ducato, Soragna, Italy

A blend of Nuova Mattina and Oud Beersel refined for at least 12 months in bottle. It has a surprisingly citrus nose of leather, cellar and animal with hints of dried flowers and honey. Lasting and sapid in the mouth with a sour finish that always makes the lovers of this blend smile.

This beer could very well make you develop an addiction for spontaneous fermentation and turn your entire world upside down!

The history of this beer goes back several years ago, in the summer of 2009, the brewery 3 Fonteinen of Beersel (perhaps the best blender in the world of Lambic) had serious economic damage as a result of the failure of a machine, it caused quite a stir in international brewing movement that I called Armand and I asked him how things were going. His answer was very simple: he needed to sell his Lambic. Immediately I thought of doing a blend between our New Morning and its Lambic. I agreed with him and together we chose three barrels of Lambic aged 18 months whose contents were pumped into a small tank on our truck. I remember that the trip was very long and tiring, Manuel and I we took turns driving through Belgium, France and Italy, stopping only to refuel. After days and days to bottle and long months in bottle what came out was above the our most optimistic expectations and we can proudly say that it is really worth it. Today Beersel Morning is produced with great lambic friend Gert Oud Beersel. My pilgrimages in Flemish Brabant are far from over: every time is always a unique and fascinating experience, the smell of the damp cellars is a memory that I always carry with me.
- Giovanni
description from Birrificio del Ducato website

Beersel Mattina
Alc./Vol.: 6.2

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