Baciami Lipsia

Style: Gose
Birrificio del Ducato, Soragna, Italy

Baciami Lipsia in Italian means "Kiss My Lips"!

A sour ale that is a blended of several barrels that are 9 months old (these barrels were inoculated with lactobacillus) with a new beer that is brewed with Himalaya pink salt. The blend then is aged again - but the result is a super crisp citric beer with a slight hint of salt in the finish that lingers.

A beautiful interplay between the acidity, lightness and a slight hint of salt that is very soft.

Kiss Me Lipsia was born from a love for Gose, not so much the classic Gose in Lipsia as the more recent interpretations of my friend Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist. The flavor combined with acidity always fascinates and excites; the challenge was to make both sensations: acidity (although it is not malic acidity as in wine but lactic acidity) and mineral (in the genre Gose is the salty). I decided to do a simple Golden Ale and put it to mature in some of the barrels of our cellar wild fermentation with lactic acid bacteria. After 9 months, the lactic acid had largely taken over but the character of Brett already appeared clearly and I liked it a lot. Of course the base was decidedly sour, so I decided to do a second beer using Himalayan pink salt, at the end of maturation, the new beer was blended with the old one and the result is our Gose. - Giovanni Campari, Del Ducato

Baciami Lipsia
Alc./Vol.: 4.5

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