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Style: Natural soda
Collections: Beer, Non Alcoholic,

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A journey searching for the taste of times gone by. A taste that our memory has registered but has been hiding for a very long time. This is Cedrata Baladin. Just water, natural brown sugar, lemon juice, carbon dioxide and the infusion of Calabria citrons from Diamante, which give it all its aroma and flavor. Cedrata Baladin is produced with simple and selected ingredients and contains no colorings or preservatives.

Version: Type: Size: UPC/EAN:
Soda w/ Diamante citrons Case 12 * 8.4 oz. Bottle(s) 919267 60122 3
Soda w/ Diamante citrons Case 12 * 11.2 oz. Bottle(s) 8033976 671440
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