Style: Spontaneusly fermented Ale
Birrificio del Ducato, Soragna, Italy

Wild Fermented Italian Ale with Organic Lambrusco Red Grapes and the wort of Oud Brunello (Del Ducato's Flemish Red).

Beer wort (Oud Brunello)
Lambrusco organic red grapes

The grapes are squeezed and transferred into a steel vessel (open top), no yeasts are added. The next day fermentation of grapes starts and we brew Oud Brunello wort which is added to the fermenting grape must.
Fermentation lasts for 45 days without temperature control on grape skins, three times we recirculate the liquid from the bottom to the top where the grape skins are floating.
After 30 days we transfer the liquid to an isobaric tank and keep the beer at colder temperatures until all the sugars are fermented, we had a final gravity quite high (around 4.2 Plato) since we had a very slow fermentation, the same was reported to the “natural” winemaker who observed that last year Lambrusco grapes had few yeasts on the skins.
After 9 months the beer is bottled naturally carbonated and bottle conditioned with a small amount of priming sugar.

ABV around 7.0%
EBC around 30 with reddish hints
IBU no idea but quite low, around 15-20

The resulting beer is very complex, red fruits in the nose (raspberries, strawberries and violet) typical from the grapes. It has some volatile acidity and warming feeling in the palate and some organic notes.

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