Metodo Classic 2016

Style: Champagne style brew
Birrificio Baladin, Piozzo, Italy

All beers produced by Teo Musso undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, but in this case the concept is taken to the extreme with the aim of exploring the most intimate secrets and most hidden nuances of this technique. To this purpose, in 2008 we started to plan three long-term refermentation cycles. Each would take two years and take place in the cellars of wine-maker Fontanafredda, in cooperation with the oenologists who have developed the Alta Langa sparkling wine.

The method, called Metodo Classico, originates in the world of wine, but can be adapted very well to beer production. The first batch was produced in February 2014 and bottled on March 5th the same year. For Teo - who was born on this day - it was a great birthday present for his 50 years. The 2015 reserve (12,197 bottles) rested – technically speaking, it was left “on the lees” – for 18 months. This was followed by the disgorgement, i.e. the process of opening each bottle to eliminate any excess yeast. A long process which required the work of many expert hands and blessed us with many surprises and emotions.

The bottle itself, 900 grams of glass (the necessary weight to withstand the extremely high pressures caused by fermentation) is a tribute to the beginnings of Baladin. For the sake of transparency, please note that Baladin Metodo Classico makes no use of winemaking-related ingredients, such as grapes, musts or yeasts.

Metodo Classic 2016
Alc./Vol.: 10.0

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