Puffed Rice Chinese Pale Ale

Style: Chinese Pale Ale
Master Gao Brewing Co. of Nanjing /China, Nanjing, China

Like pop corns to Americans, puffed rice is a traditional snack to Chinese. Before they started to vanish about twenty years ago, puffed rice vendors had taken every neighborhood’s street corners. They put rice into a high pressure cooker, and rotated the cooker over a charcoal stove. When inside temperature and pressure reached their targets, they released the cookers’ valve with an iron level wrench. With a big ‘bang!’, all the rice will burst out of the cooker and get puffed instantly when they hit the cold air. It’s amazing for children to watch a cup of 3oz rice turned into a big load of happiness.
When it comes to brewing , the whole grain puffed rice provides a cleaner and crispier body than gelatinized rice starch, and significantly more concentrated rice flavors. As a result Master Gao’s Puffed Rice Chinese Pale Ale has notes of sake & malt balanced with tropical hops and a very dry finish.
A most remarkable combination of sake, saison and champagne.

Puffed Rice Chinese Pale Ale
Alc./Vol.: 7.6
Orginal Gravity: 14

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