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Ch.Drouin Cidre Brut Grande Cuvee
Cidre "L'Hiver"
Cidre Comte de Lauriston
Drouin's Jus de Poire Petillant
Drouin's Pear "Acide"
Pays d'Auge Cidre
Poire "Pear Cidre"
Domaine Christian Drouin
Type: Cider & Perry
Website: www.calvados-drouin.com

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1837. Still in the same family

As the Calvados production became successful, Christian Drouin Junior moved the production to a larger facility. He chose a former stud farm at Coudray-Rabut. In 1990, the estate was restored and is a beautiful representation of 16th and 17th century local architecture. In 1994, the Ministry of Culture and National Council for Culinary Art selected 100 "Sites of Excellence in Taste" throughout France. One of these was the Couer de Lion estate, representing the Pays d'Auge region. "The aim of this distinction is to enhance appreciation of site Cidres Pays d'Auge & Comte Lauristons that are remarkable from the point of view of culture, tourism, and gastronomy so as to ensure thet they become places where our true heritage can be discovered."

Picture: Domaine apples
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