Pipí Cucú Maracuyá Agave Highball

Style: Highball
Monstruo de Agua Cerveceria, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico

Pipi Cucu maracuy agave highball is an exquisite lip puckering carbonated beverage with 6.0% alc./vol. made from infusing a passion fruit natural fermented seltzer with hand crafted angustifolia agave spirit.

To make the seltzer we use passion fruit from the state of Veracruz and sugar cane honey from the state of Morelos. The passion fruit is hand processed to obtain the pulp that is mixed with the cane honey and water and then fermented for weeks until dry with our in-house cultivated low-alcohol strain of yeast. The resulting sparkling tonic is blended with an angustifolia agave spirit handcrafted in the state of Oaxaca; a region of Mexico renowned for its Mezcal. Our agave spirit is produced by first cutting off all leaves from the mature agave plants, leaving only the Pina. . The Pina is cooked in a pit oven for 3 days and then crushed. The juices generated during the crushing are mixed in a fermentation vessel and undergo wild, spontaneous fermentation. The fermented must is double distilled in a copper still, then filtered and finally diluted with purified water to the desired proof.
The blend is a succulent elixir that on aroma wonderfully displays a surprising tropical fruitiness with a smokey hint. Each sip offers an instantly refreshing lip puckering explosion of passion fruit flavor layered
with herbal notes that transition into a lingering dry, smokey and acidulated aftertaste. Of course, the heart warming magic of the angustifolia agave spirit is soon to follow.

Pipi Cucu maracuya agave highball is perfect enjoyed by itself or accompanying a special meal. Serve with a chilli-salted rim to really take it to another level, or mix with other beverages and ingredients to conjure unique cocktails.

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