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Baladin Super Baladin "Floreale"
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Metodo Classic 2016
Birrificio Baladin
Type: Brewery
Website: https://www.baladin.it/en/

Description: We are happy to announce that Baladin won the title “BREWERY OF THE YEAR 2013”. This amazing result was decreed by UNIONBIRRAI that every year organize a national contest called “Birra dell’Anno” “Beer of the Year” where more than 200 microbrewery propose the best selection of their product that are judged by an national and international jury. The brewery that obtain the maximum score with its beers won the main title. This year Baladin beers was ranked in the follow categories: Category: dark, top-fermented, high alcohol, inspired by Belgian style - 1 st place Leön. Category: aged in wood, high and low fermentation - 1st place Lune - 2nd in Terre. Category: high fermentation, high alcohol-inspired Anglo-American style - 2nd place Xyauyù Barrel. We hope that this news will find you happy like we are in this moment.
Birra Dell'Anno 2011; categoria 13
Description: Categoria 13: Birre scure, alto grado alcolico, di ispirazione belga 1° classificato BIRRIFICIO DEL DUCATO CHIMERA 3° classificato BALADIN NÖEL BALADIN
Great Italian Beerfestival 2011
Birra Dell'Anno 2011; categoria 12
Description: Categoria 12: Birre chiare, alo grado alcolico, di ispirazione belga 2° classificato BALADIN SUPER BALADIN
Great Italian Beerfestival 2011
Birra Dell'Anno 2011; categoria 14
Description: Categoria 14: Birre con spezie e/o cereali 1° classificato BALADIN LURISIA 6 2° classificato BALADIN NORA 3° classificato GRADO PLATO CHOCARRUBICA
Great Italian Beerfestival 2011
Birra Dell'Anno 2011; categoria 9
Description: Categoria 9: Birre ad alto grado alcolico, di ispirazione angloamericana 1° classificato BALADIN XYAUYU 2005 ORO 3° classificato BIRRIFICIO TROLL GEISHA
Great Italian Beerfestival 2011
2011 Guida Alle Birre d'Italia, Slow Food Editore
Description: The 2001 (and second) edition of the <em>Guida Alle Birre d'Italia</em>, catalogues the great transformation of the beer scene in Italy led by the many new Breweries emerging throughout the country. Of the approximately 300 Italian producers 179 were selected, chosen as above the rest; 1092 listed beers, 629 tasted and estimated, and 55 rewarded with five stars, the synonym of excellence. Of those 55 ranked with five stars, 21 on the list are from breweries connected with B. United International.
Slow Food Editore
Picture: Birreria Le Baladin logo.
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