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GT {Gewuerz Traminer grapes}
Inclusio Ultima
Polock en Rouge
Birrificio Italiano
Type: Brewery
Website: http://www.birrificio.it/

German-Style Kellerpils Medal: Bronze
Description: "The European Beer Star Award has been created to acknowledge beers which are made in a congruous style full of character and valuable raw materials. Together with other brewers from all over the world you can now seize this chance to move this cultural treasure of craftsmanship back into the limelight for generations to come. In 2010 the European Beer Star will take part for the seventh time. All breweries can participate: Local, Regional, National and worldwide operating breweries, not only from Europe but also from all countries all over the world. In fact anyone who feels a commitment to the traditional, European art of brewing What does the European Beer Star Award look for? Fundamentally, it all has to do with the uniqueness and the authenticity of the beer. Prize-winning beers are those that conform to strict criteria in terms of flavour and quality and that never fail to impress by their balance and superb taste. Using the Olympic ideal as a benchmark, international independent experts will award beers in their respective categories with gold, silver and bronze." <strong>Style: German-Style Kellerpils <em>Medal: Bronze</strong></em> Bronze Nuovo Birrificio Italiano srl Lurago Marinone (Como) Italy Tipopils
European Star Beer Awards
2011 Guida Alle Birre d'Italia, Slow Food Editore
Description: The 2001 (and second) edition of the <em>Guida Alle Birre d'Italia</em>, catalogues the great transformation of the beer scene in Italy led by the many new Breweries emerging throughout the country. Of the approximately 300 Italian producers 179 were selected, chosen as above the rest; 1092 listed beers, 629 tasted and estimated, and 55 rewarded with five stars, the synonym of excellence. Of those 55 ranked with five stars, 21 on the list are from breweries connected with B. United International.
Slow Food Editore
Picture: Birrificio Italiano logo and brewery.
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