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France & Spain Draft Ciders
Seasonal Release
Date: Sept. 2, 2015
Collections: Cider & Perry, Draft,
Domaine Dupont, Normandie, France

E. Dupont Cidre Bouche Brut
Yellow orange appearance, fine persistent froth. Cloudy with sediment.
Aroma: Tremendous complexity of apple, citrus, pine, lime, butter, leather with notes of wood & roasted cacoa.
Flavor: Apple with a touch of wood. Full body with a touch of sweetness in the balance.
5.5% abv
20L & 30L kegs

E. Dupont Cidre Reserve
E. Dupont Cidre Reserve is made from E. Dupont Bouche Brut that is aged in oak casks that previously held calvados. The fermentation takes place for 5 months in these 400L oak barrels.
7.5% abc
20L & 30L kegs

E. Dupont Pome 1998
A very special blend of E. Dupont's unfermented apple juice and his one year old calvados. This blend was filled into 5 year old empty calvados casks in 1998, the tannins which were still at work. It has been aging in these wooden barrels ever since.
18% abv
10L & 20L kegs

Domaine Christian Drouin, Normandie, France

Pays d'Auge Cidre
Produced in strict compliance with the A.O.C. standard set by the "Institut National des Appellations d'origins Controls".
Slightly cloudy, orange gold, rust in color.
Aroma: Apple, fatty, woody, rich mineral tang, apple skin aromas.
Flavor: Acidic, apple flavor becomes more evident as it warms. Dry in the finish with a meaty-bacon/smoke note.
4.5% abv
20L & 30L kegs

Its typical lightness and elegance make Christian Drouin Poire a traditional drink in Normandy. Its fine bubbles are naturally produced in the bottle. With its delicate marriage of crips acidity and discreet sweetness Poire is both refreshing and festive.
4.0% abv
20L & 30L kegs

Sarasola Sagardoa, Basque, Spain

Sarasola Sagardoa
A traditional Basque cider from a cider house located in the apple growing hills of Astigarraga. Maintains a careful balance between sour and sweet. A sharp, tart initial flavor is balanced and rounded by sweetness. Naturally fermented without the addition of yeasts or sugar, this is a pure and delicious. It is deep in flavor with a tannic quality and a very complex flavor profile.
6.0% abv
20L & 30L kegs

ETA: In Stock

Related Producers: Domaine Christian Drouin, Domaine Familial Etienne Dupont, Sarasola Sagardotegi,

Release Formats:
Version/Vintage Type Size ETA
Cidre Bouche Brut E. Dupont
Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg
Cidre Reserve E. Dupont
Aged in E.Dupont Calvados barrel Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Aged in E.Dupont Calvados barrel Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg
E. Dupont Pome
2015 Keg 1 x 2.6gal / 10.0L Keg
2015 Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Pays d'Auge Cidre
Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg
Poire "Pear Cidre"
Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg
Sarasola Sagardoa
Keg 1 x 5.3gal / 20.0L Keg
Keg 1 x 7.9gal / 30.0L Keg

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